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Hi! I'm Rick Knobe. Please click on the icons or text for more information about my experience, my platform and my qualifications.​

I'm Running for District 25 Senate to Represent YOU!

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Our legislature is missing the big picture items: healthcare; expanding agricultural and commercial markets; supporting education both philosophically and financially. My campaign for the Senate Seat in District 25 revolves around four basic ideas:

1) Flexibility at all levels of Government, with an emphasis on local control;

2) Adequate numbers of healthcare workers, particularly mental health professionals, all over the state;

3) Quality jobs in all sectors and quality education at all levels—they go together. Supporting technology, innovation and our South Dakota work ethic is critical;

4) Re-prioritization of budgets and policies—health, human services, social services, education, and public safety should be adopted first in the legislative process, not at the end.

I am devoted to creating new opportunities in South Dakota which serve each of us in a positive way, not just today but for our many tomorrows. 


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