Bison Rancher

Bison in Custer State Park, September 2020
Bison on the Knobe Bison Ranch in Eastern South Dakota

Created a Bison Ranch in at the end of 2000. Lots of great stories to tell: “The Great Escape;” first calves, “where did they go?” (buried in the snow); First animal to be processed;,(the breed bull).

We started, thinking it would be more of a hobby. It turned into a business.

Dean Sorum and his crew at Renner Corner, did the processing. We sold meat to the Co-op, Look’s Market, Taylor’s Pantry, the Health basket, as well as restaurants, including Buffalo Berries, The YMCA Café’, Sanford Hospital, Minnehaha Country Club, and others.

It was a great experience. We introduced many folks to the good, sweet taste, of Heart Healthy Bison meat.

In 2012 the drought forced us to sell. Sad day, but fondly remember the animals and the people we met.

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