Board of Elections / Civic Involvement

My current civic involvement is serving on the South Dakota Board of Elections. The purpose of the board is to create rules to implement legislation passed by the Legislature.

We also can propose legislation to clean up confusing or conflicting laws.

The Board is made up of the SD Secretary of State, two county Auditors and four citizen members appointed by the Legislature.

I am the only and I believe first registered Independent to serve. My appointment was put forth by the Republican Senate Majority Leader and approved by the Senate. My four year term expires in January of 2021.

The board serves as important function as it allows citizens like me and elected county auditors to create the rules implementing laws approved by the legislature.

It has been a great learning experience. In my opinion our election laws need to be updated. We ought to be able to register and change our registration on line. We introduced that bill last year. It died an less that glorious death in the Senate State Affairs Committee.

Various legislators have introduced bills to shorten early voting and making registration harder for some. 

Lots more to write about but will save it for another time and place.

As long as I’m civic involvement, I want to mention membership in the League of Women Voters. I’ve served on countless boards in my 45 plus years in South Dakota.

The Board of South Dakota Public Broadcasting; Chair of the Southeastern Council of Governments (SECOG) for almost several years; The Mass Transit Board for Sioux Falls, The Sioux Falls Convention Visitors Bureau,  the Job Training Partnership Board (for the State); and an ad hoc group of citizens working to expand Pre-K education in the Sioux Falls area. 

There are more, but I hope this gives you a sense of my involvement in making our state, area, and city a better place to live.


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