Rick Knobe at the Helm of the Taitan Princess

Map of The Great Loop, Great Loop Cruisers Association

I started boating in the about 1976. Bought my first sailboat, a 22’ trailer able Chrysler. Kept it in Yankton at Lewis and Clark Lake. Loved sailing. There is something almost spiritual about the feel and sound of the wind and the waves splashing against the hull  as you cruise thru the water.

After a few years bought slightly larger boat, a 25’ O’Day. Moved it to Lake Francis Case, at the marina near the Platte/Winner Bridge. Spent many wonderful week-ends sailing that lake and spending nights in its numerous bays. Deer, turkeys, jumping fish were abundant. The eerie howl of coyotes were heard often, and the sight of the Milky Way and often falling stars filled the sky.

When I retired from radio in the spring of 2017, I set out on another type of boating adventure. A trip called the Great Loop. Google it if you want more detailed info.

In a nutshell, it’s about 5000 miles. Up the Atlantic Coast to New York City, then up the Hudson River to Albany. Took the Erie Canal to about Syracuse, then North to Oswego on Lake Ontario. Crossed the Lake into Canada and navigated the Trent Severn Canal to what is called the Georgian Bay, the northern part of Lake Huron.

Down thru the Mackinaw Straits, the East side of Lake Michigan, and crossing the Lake to Chicago. It was a thrill to be cruising the boat thru downtown.

Took the Illinois River to the Mississippi. The Mississippi to the Ohio. Up the Ohio to the Tennessee River. The Tennessee River south to the TenTom Waterway at the Alabama border. Down the TenTom to Mobile, Alabama, across the Florida Panhandle to the Gulf Coast. South to Ft. Myers, then across Florida on a river and canal system thru Lake Okeechobee and back to Stuart.

The boat for this adventure was not a sailboat. I bought a sundeck trawler. She was named Taitan Princess. I liked the name, so kept it.

For me, an Epic Journey. I met so many wonderful people, experienced so much history, saw amazing sites. I could write a book.

Dolphin Swimming Alongside The Taitan Princess, photo by Peter Ellis
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