Faith & Values

Elections are about ideas and positions on issues.

Elections are also about values.

My Values

When we vote for people, no matter what office, I think we expect the same things,

Honesty, Integrity, Openness, Compassion, Empathy, Trustworthiness, Inclusiveness.

We can disagree on issues, but I’m sure we agree that the values listed above are critical to having a government which moves us forward in a positive way.

We need to care for those who can’t care for themselves.

We need to include people whose skin color and primary language may be different than ours, but who want to succeed, work hard, be safe, and raise their families in a good place.

When governing, those of us who are Christians, need to constantly ask ourselves,

“What would Jesus do?”

My Faith

I was confirmed in the Methodist Church in Barrington, Illinois. My mother went to church often. She would drop my brothers and I at Sunday School. My Dad was a twice a year attendee. Yep, Christmas and Easter. Sunday was his only day of rest, and when the weather was good, he enjoyed time with God and Jesus on the Golf Course.

At the Methodist affiliated Morningside College in Sioux City, weekly chapel was mandatory. That attendance must have kept me relatively well balanced because I didn’t get into trouble while playing in the band in the wild 60’s.

Attended Catholic Churches for awhile because of my marriage. Met many fine priests in those days. Two of my favorites became Monsignors.

After my marriage ended, I confess church attendance was not a high priority. I didn’t drift spiritually, but I did drift religiously.

As I got older, I began searching for a church home. Attended many services of different faiths for about a two year period.

God stepped in one day, when I came across an old friend who I hadn’t seen in years. We caught up on family, work, and fun stuff. He then asked me where I was going to church. I told him I was searching. This is the God stepping in part. He was involved in the creation of a new church which was a spin off the Wesleyan faith. The church was called the Ransom. They met at the now gone, Carmike Theatre on W41st at the Interstate in Sioux Falls.

He invited me to attend. I’ve been going ever since.

The music is the more modern type. I admit it takes getting used to, but the younger church members love it and sing along, most times loudly. I’ve met wonderful people.

But most importantly, the sermons challenge me. I like that.

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