Local Government

I am a big supporter of local government. School Boards, City Councils, County Commissioners. My ten years as Mayor, and 30 years as a local talk show host, have taught me the importance of these officials.

The people we elect to these positions have a profound impact on our lives.

They decide the quality of our child’s education, which impacts not just them and us, but the entire community.

Police, Sheriff, Fire, Ambulance, and Health departments are run or funded by local elected officials with our tax dollars.

The quality of the water you drink, the manner of disposing of wastewater, are local decisions. Getting rid of your garbage is also dumped on local officials. Yes, I did the pun on purpose.

Roads, streets, bridges, drainage ways, parks, libraries are also locally run.

The responsibilities are huge.

Now add in COVID 19 and the needed local response to safely and rationally keep us protected.  Floods, tornados, and blizzards are all responded to first by local governments, too.

I want to make sure, in this rapidly changing world, that local governments have the authority and tools to quickly and effectively deal with whatever calamity is thrown at us.

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